About Us

Mission Statement

We seek to create an eternal legacy for those who inspire us.

Core Values

At Black Diamond Print, Inc. our core values are integrity, respect, around the clock support, excellence, passion, continuous learning and growth.


Owen Hansen: Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Owen is a student at the University of Arizona seeking a degree in Sports and Society. He has been interested in investing, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for a number of years. Owen became a crypto investor before it was popular to most. From a young age, he has had his sights set on becoming an entrepreneur combining his love of sports with his passion for the digital marketplace. Owen has been seeking and growing his connections with influential figures for a number of years now. He is looking forward to helping his clients monetize their name while creating a lasting legacy for themselves, their families and their fans.

Carrie Hansen: President and Chief Financial Officer

Carrie has worked in Financial services her entire career. Starting her career in Public Accounting, where she earned her Certified Public Accounting Designation, Carrie chose to focus her energy on financial services clients. She has worked at AssetMark, a financial services firm dedicated to helping independent financial advisors make a difference in the lives of investors for over 20 years. Carrie was the 30th Associate selected to join the firm and has helped grow the firm from $800 million in assets to over $80 billion in assets. Carrie has held various positions at the firm including Chief Financial Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, head of Human Resources and more. Carrie is currently the Chief Operating Officer, President and Chairman of the Board of the GPS Mutual Funds, President of AssetMark Capital and Chairman of the Board of AssetMark Trust Company. Carrie has a love of crypto currencies and keen interest in blockchain technology and NFTs.

Kellen Clancy: Chief Product Officer

Kellen is a student at UCLA seeking a degree in economics and entrepreneurship. He has been following the developing cryptocurrency market, and became an early investor. He has adept skills in communication, public speaking, and personal interaction. Kellen has interests in decentralized finance, and the blockchain technology that supports digital assets and their transactions.

Kaden Behm: Chief Content Officer

Kaden is a student at the University of Arizona and is currently studying business and entrepreneurship. Kaden has a keen interest in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Kaden has spent years developing his relationships with influencers and social media figures. He has been working with and social media for a number of years.

Pragun Seth: Lead Developer

Pragun is a passionate technologist and entrepreneur. He has an innate curiosity for technology and has been coding since a young age. He is proficient in Python, Java, C++ and a range of both frontend & backend technologies. He is especially inspired by the potential of Web 3.0 technologies like Blockchain, NFTs, AI & Machine Learning, to further decentralize the web and make it more secure, personalized and relevant.